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The Experience Makers

Feb 16, 2022

Today consumers shop everywhere. At home, at their desks, on the move. And they shop across channels, from marketplaces to social media to brand websites. However, despite the lockdowns over the past two years, customers still love to shop in-store.   This represents a challenge for brands desperately trying to build a single view of their customers to serve them with relevant communication better and personalise their experiences. Whilst building a picture of how customers behave online is getting easier, transferring that knowledge to the shop floor has been virtually impossible.


In this episode of The Experience Makers, we’re joined by Oto’s Executive Director, Guil Bohnen, alongside VP of Marketing Cloud, at Wunderman Thompson’s Pmweb, Grazi Sbardelotto, to discuss some of the challenges and considerations organisations are facing when it comes to shopping both online and in-store.   


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