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The Experience Makers

Mar 17, 2021

With an estimated population of 1.85 billion, people with disabilities (PWD) constitute an emerging market the size of China plus the European Union. Their Friends and Family add another 3.4 billion potential consumers who act on their emotional connection to PWD. Together, they control over $13 trillion in annual disposable income (RoD Group). These statistics show that inclusion and accessibility aren’t just questions of legal requirement and box-ticking, they should be part of your growth strategy.


As more and more brands commit to making sure that their digital experiences are representative of and accessible to all, The Experience Makers talks to Wunderman Thompson’s Head of Inclusive Design and Accessibility, Christina Mallon about the challenges that they face. She’s joined by two technologists who are leading the way in designing AI-powered tools to help organisations navigate the complexities of accessibility compliance - WT Technology’s Mateusz Chrominski and WPP AI guru, Perry Nightingale.


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Produced by Breaking Atoms

Music produced by Imperial