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The Experience Makers

Aug 17, 2022

Over half of all retail spend worldwide is now online. And consumers have increasingly lofty expectations when it comes to shopping, with over 64% claiming in Wunderman Thompson’s annual global survey that they wished brands and retailers could be more innovative in their use of digital technology to improve the customer experience. With channels such as social and marketplaces and now gaming continually upping the game, what do shoppers really want and how can brands, and retailers better serve them? 


In this month’s episode of The Experience Makers, we’re talking to Wunderman Thompson Commerce’s Head of Thought Leadership, Hugh Fletcher & Head of Innovation, Naji El-Arifi. They’ll be delving deep into The Future Shopper report to discuss the views of over 31,000 consumers across 18 international markets and suggesting ways in which sellers should be responding to future proof their retail strategies.


The Future Shopper 2022 - Download your guides here: 


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