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The Experience Makers

Apr 21, 2021

Data is one of the most valuable assets a business can have & has a huge impact on its potential to grow – informing decisions, shaping product development and driving customer experience. In order to collect sufficient data, brands have relied for years on cookies created by third-party technology companies.


However, what started as a convenient way for brands to get to know their customers and serve them relevant content online has led to data scandals, growing concern from regulators and distrust from consumers. As a result, Google is phasing out third-party Cookies, retiring them completely by the end of 2022, meaning brands will no longer have access to much of the data that they have used to curate personalised customer journeys.


This is an opportunity for brands to adapt to new ways of using data with integrity and show consumers that they are on their side. Wunderman Thompson Data’s Head of Business Consulting, Olivia Hawkins, Wavemaker's Head of Precision, Tarik Windle and Carsten Hyldahl, Director of AI & Identity at Wunderman Thompson MAP, share their thoughts on this opportunity with our host, Gemma Milne. They’ll discuss what ‘data with integrity’ means and explore how technology can help brands offer more tailored experiences in the future.


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